COVID-19.. from an immune supressed mother.

So people went from joking about this, to flying to the grocery stores in a panic and buying out everything in stock. Do they remember that they are not the only people in their town. That every school aged child in our state is OUT OF SCHOOL until further notice. That parents have to feed themselves and their children. On top of going and buying out the grocery store, they are also spreading the virus like wildfire. You have to touch everything. Every single item you have touched, has touched someone else’s hands, or been coughed on, or who knows what, by whoever came across those items before you. That buggy your children are playing in, the person before you could have very easily been carrying that virus. They could be carrying it with no symptoms yet, and now you have exposed yourself and your children.

I am one of the “younger high risk”. I am a 28 year old single mother, trying to not let this “pandemic” give me a straight heart attack. I am a mother trying to stay in work and be able to support my child and pay my bills. I am a mother who works in a dentist office. Let me repeat that.. A DENTIST office.

Did you know that Covid-19 spreads through cough and saliva.. and where does saliva come from. Your mouth. What do all my employees do all day? Play with your saliva. And when it gets on something, and you touch it, and then touch something else.. guess what it spreads. Quickly.

I have NO immune system. I suffer from several auto immune diseases. Only a few of the ones i have are common. The rest are RARE.

Rare meaning, not many people have what i have. Also, meaning that what I have is harder to treat because not many doctors have much knowledge on my conditions. Once again meaning that what i have is hader to predict and treat.

Saying I have no immune system doesn’t make it so you can see the big picture here. The worry i have getting gas, or going to fight the battle in the grocery store to find food for my kids. The anxiety i have coming into work not knowing where each patient has been or what they have touched before they enter our office and touch all my pens, and my clipboards, or what they may have came into contact with before going back with my assistants who then have been exposed and are spreading the germs. The more the virus spreads, the higher risk i am of catching this. The higher risk of catching this I am, the more at risk my family is as well.

When the community and the government says “stay home”, that means stay home. Stop spreading the germs. Stop putting others at risk. Others who have families to take care of. Others that have no way to proctect themselves other than with the cleaning supplies that all of ya’ll are hoarding at your homes for no apparent reason. Others who’s immune system isnt as well equipped as most. Stop.  

Please, from a mother with a suppressed immune system, an immune system that can’t fight off this virus like other healthy bodies. Think about everyone else, not just yourself. You can protect yourself without being selfish. Remember that.

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