Here Comes Peter Cottontail… Hollerin’ Down The Bunnytrail

Happy Easter! I hope everyone had a * B L E S S E D * easter sunday! Lets just start by saying.. I am probably the worlds worst mom when it comes to procrastination! My little one is 7.. thats a tough age. We are teetering between believing and not believing when it comes to ANY fairy tail make believe kinda creature that brings gifts in the night! I have to do some pretty hard convincing these days! But.. i think I’ve still got him believing.

So Beckett has been asking for an Xbox for every single holiday for the last year and a half.. and i swore i would never cave in. BUT.. we all know how that goes being a parent. It has gotten so serious that he even wrote a letter to the tooth fairy telling her to “hold the cash” for the rest of the teeth in his mouth for an Xbox. Seriously… I almost fell in the floor laughing when i went to swap his tooth for the $5 bill, when i came across that letter. “Dear tooth fairy, i appreciate the money you give me, and i still have a lot of teeth left, so do you think maybe you could bring me an xbox or playstation instead of money. You can keep the money for all my other teeth. love, Beckett”. C’mon Beck, thats a lot of “cash holding” for an xbox. But he was so serious. My 7 yr old has the mindset of a 17 year old. That boy is SMART. But i think being an only child and his raising has a lot to do with all his grownup ways of thinking.

So any who, back to Easter… this past friday, like literally Good Friday, still no easter bunny gifts prepared. We were supposed to go to the beach for the weekend, but sweet mother nature had other plans for us. Im pretty sure she is punishing me for bitching about the cold for so long. I had a great weekend planned for me and Beckett. The easter bunny was going to leave money and a note so we could go race go-carts, therefore i wouldn’t have to buy anything dumb. My kid doesn’t like the good candy… so buying lots of yummy chocolate does no good because it ends up on my hips, and not in his tummy. Not good. So i don’t buy candy for him anymore, because i end up eating it, not him. I still have halloween candy in the pantry. So when all the tornado warnings and sightings started coming up in our town we decided to cancel the beach trip. Between my superb driving skills and the weather, I’m sure it would not have ended well. Beckett was upset, but understood. When i told him, that little turd said “well i hope the easter bunny doesn’t let me down like the weather did”… ugh so i instantly caved. Off to the game store i go, and into my buggy goes an xbox 360 with all the goods to go along with it. I mean who in the hell gets an xbox for EASTER. I never got more than a basket of candy, some bubbles and maybe a kite. (my mother has some fascination with kites.. we got one every single year!)

I get home friday evening and am panicking… I have NO clue how to even begin to put all this crap together. I knew i was going to need help. Luckily this sweet sweet friend of mind, who ALWAYS comes to my rescue with any technical issues i have said he’d come help. But i couldn’t ask for help on easter sunday… so brilliant me decided to try and convince my child that the easter bunny was coming on friday night! Man that was tough.. very very tough. But what other choice did i have. He sure wasn’t going to look at it all day sunday while it sat on the table, and i sure wasn’t going to blow a circuit on my power box trying to figure out how to plug it all in!

But my goodness, it just keeps getting better. I put B to bed around 10 friday night. My dad had ended up staying with us because he didnt have power at his house. So i got him to go out to the car and bring ALLLL the accessories and the xbox in. We start to get it all out and take the stickers off everything. I set it all up nice and cute on the table for when he woke up in the morning, along with his little easter basket with some gum and mints in it. I mean what 7 year old asks for gum and mints other than mine?!

Dad goes to bed around 11, and i start watching some series on netflix. Next thing i know its 1:30 am. I get up and go to pee and as I’m trying to pee in peace, i hear these little footsteps RUNNING down the stairs like a heard of wild animals in the sahara dessert. Remember here, its 1:30 in the morning, I’m still awake, and the “easter bunny” has already came.

So I’m sitting on the toilet thinking, shit.. this is gonna go well. First thought, close your eyes and make it seem like you fell asleep on the toilet. Brilliant, right?! Well it worked. He got to the bottom of the stairs, and hollered for me. I didn’t make a peep. He came around the corner and busted in the bathroom.. typical for any kid who knows, or even thinks their mom is in the bathroom. And he says “MOM! THE EASTER BUNNY CAME! WAKE UP!” I totally act surprised… his eyes are bloodshot red and I’m pretty sure he’s partially sleeping walking! I said “What?! he came” Beckett said “yeah mom, you didn’t see him did you, you fell asleep on the toilet.. mom how do you do that?!”

Long story short, yes Beckett i did “fall asleep on the toilet” and that damn bunny must have snuck in the back door while i was snoozin’ on the shitter! He believed me.. thank goodness.. was super stoked about his xbox, had to touch every single thing 3 times, then i finally got him to go back to bed.

5:27 the next MORNING.. he’s up and hollering at me to get up and play xbox with him. NOPE Felicia, you better find your pillow again, and not call for me until after 7. You KNOW your mama ain’t a morning person.

Happy Easter from us ❤

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