Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

Let me just start by saying, going through pictures of my life to put on this intro page really has tugged at my heart strings. I have to just sit back and scroll with a huge smirk on my face but also a few tears in my eyes. Isn’t it funny how you can come across certain pictures and INSTANTLY you can go back to that exact time.. you can almost feel the moment, whether it was good or bad, that one picture can take you RIGHT back to that exact moment like its happening right before you all over again. Well that feeling has happened several times this morning.. I promise these blogs won’t all be this long!

Any who… I am SOOO thankful for everything i have, everything that I’ve HAD, everything to be had in the future along with everything i have learned along the way. [which between you and me has been wayyyy to much!] I’m no bible beater by any means, I have the mouth of a sailors daughter (ironically enough, my dad was a sailor…crazy right?!) but i LOVE the Lord whole heart and then some. Its taken me 27 years to finally grasp and understand his ways, but now i am starting to figure it all out. The motto I’ve lived by since i was in high school has always been, “Life’s a dance, you learn as you go” and i’ll be dammed if that isn’t the God for saken truth. You’ll learn more dances that you ever wanted, from the hokey pokey, to ‘ole redneck boot scootin’ bar hoppin’ line dances, slow romantic sexually seducing, some golden oldie shaggin’ moves, then you’ll get to the hood rat Nicki Minaj with a little Eminem on the side part of your life. Me, my life right now is a little Nicki with some sweet southern Eric Church on the side. Moderation is KEY! Keep the crazy contained!

So, lets go ahead and get on with this introduction. My name is Berkley. Some call me Berk, Barkley, B, and Aunt Berkie to all the littles in my life, but the most important name I wear is Mom, Mommy, MOOOOOM, and when he’s feeling sassy.. he calls me MOTHER..(with an exaggerative DRAMATIC eye roll). I am 27 years young with 85 years of shit under my boot. But, at least its all under it and not on it. I am the oldest daughter to my AMAZING parents, which granted they should have wrote my ass off long ago, all the hell i put them through growing up. But thats a story for another day. My mother, she is my best friend, my rock and my BIG.. I’m her little. We are just alike, well for the most part! Im so grateful for her, her beauty, her fun spunky personality and HUGE heart. Luckily i inherited those traits.. along with some others we won’t discuss right now! haha. My dad, he is a one of a kind… literally. NOBODY in this world is like him. He has a heart of GOLD, and a mouth full of smart ass comments. If you ever want to laugh.. have a conversation with my dad. He grew up in upstate NY, joined the navy, was stationed in San Diego, CA, met my momma, got hitched and ended up here in North Carolina.. with her and her family. He is the most redneck sarcastic yankee I’ve ever met. You NEVER know what he is going to say! But he will keep you on your toes. I get my smartassness and “I don’t give a SHIT” from him… thanks daddy. Traits that keep me in trouble and pissing people off! They both are AMAZING grandparents too! I have “BONUS” parents on both sides too. They are not steps in my life, they are a bonus in my life. They, all are amazing! My sister.. well where the hell do we start with her. Presley is her name, but everyone knows her by Pep. She and I are COMPLETE opposite but so much alike at the same time.. how that makes any sense, I’m not sure but its the truth. When we are together we have THE BEST time. No matter what we are doing, where we are or who is lucky enough to be with us! We have NO SHAME. We don’t get embarrassed..EVER.. although we should.. we don’t! and she can rap just about any lil wayne, sing yang twins or 2000’s hood rat gangster song like a pro… while wearing her snap back and cowboy boots! She’s a hopeless romantic, where I’m just a pain in the ass. But I love her with my whole heart, even though we butt heads sometimes, i will always be my sisters keeper. Ya’ll will learn more about her later, just be ready!

Let’s talk about the last 27 years at a glance… like a super glance… like just a wink or we will be here ALL day. So made it through school, GRADUATED a western warrior, class clown certification tagged on that diploma. Played sports, showed my horses all through school, had the best group of friends and we did EVERYTHING together. and i also fell in “LOVE”. LAWD JESUS.. all you high school kids who think you are in love… honey its just whats hot in beween your legs thats in love.. its all young down there and fresh to the touch.. and we ALL know these kinda feeling’s can make your head and heart a little cray cray..

So i fell in love… at 16. At 19 I was pregnant and he was in the air force. Long story short for now.. we made a BEAUTIFUL baby, who is now a spunky comical athletic loving selfless (most of the time) S E V E N year old little boy. Beckett James. But as for me and him.. we tried and failed.. more to come on that.. but i am very blessed to be able to say that he is a good dad to Beckett, and we are able to get along and coparent for the sake of our little. 8 months after we ended things, i met Brian. Brian was 9 years older than me (at the time i was 21). He was my prince charming.. but things change. He took me and my son in as his own. He loved that little boy and you would have never known he wasn’t biologically his. Lets just cut to the chase and say, darlin’ no matter how great and marvelous it SOUNDS.. money DOESN’T buy happiness. I had everything i ever wanted..

Yes we both contributed to downfall, but… JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL. Just enough to spark your interest?! Good, but don’t worry, I’m not blogging to bash people, or hang mine or anyone else’s dirty laundry out to dry, because I’m just not into that. I have so many memories and experiences with each of these people. Things, that even though they both failed, i will hold onto and cherish forever. I want YOU to learn from my MISTAKES, before you make them too. So here we are.. been in LOVE twice, both dramatically traumatic endings, 27 years old back on the dating market.. honey, sugah dumplin’… the world we live in and dating.. this is going to be interesting. we also will get to that on a later date!

So lets talk about the current life I’m living. I AM IN LOVE with life right now. I finally am at a place of peace. I have such an amazing family and support system, a beautiful home, a healthy happy kid, a job i LOVE while i finish school (finally, for the second time), my best friend, who is my sister from anotha mister, the salt to my peppa and my under paid therapist! Ash, you da best. and it just seems as though things are finally falling into place… finally. I am living my life with an open heart, even though its been beaten and battered and abused. Finding out who i am more and more everyday, loving and learning my sweet Beckett daily, bettering myself in ways i would have never thought (this blog being one) and loving the Lord with every step i take on this journey.

I have decided to blog (in ALL my free time..) as a way to express myself, while humoring, inspiring, and learning along with others. A Southern State Of Mind.. thats the state of mind i am in, was born in and will continue to be. I want you to know me through my experiences, my personality and my soul. I want my followers to laugh at stores i write about, laugh at my stupid choices and the crazy life i live surrounded by the people i love. I hope to inspire people with my personal life lessons and hope to save someone from what all i have endured. I want you to read and be able to relate. or be able to help someone you know who can relate. I am a closed open book..if that makes any sense. and i have no idea what I’m doing on here so just be patient with me. I may throw in some DIY crafts and home decor on occasion. maybe even a few recipes! but i want this to be something that people look forward to sittin’ on the shitter and reading! I have so much to talk about and i hope someone, at least some ONE person enjoys it! ❤

Southernism for the day: Doohickey (noun..could be several nouns): the name for an object.. or person, you either can’t remember or never knew in the first place. Other variations are whatchamacallits and thingamajigs

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